How to Find Hidden Food Gems

If you're like me you're a sucker for a good foodie travel show. Living my life vicariously through culinary Sherpas as I salivate on the sofa and marvel at the Foodie Flaneurs on screen.

But why should they have all the fun? Why not star in your own Coogan x Brydon The Trip style Food Adventure?

Now, I don't confess to being able to teach you how to do a believable Michael Caine impression but here are my top tips to finding hidden food gems when you're out and about on Food Adventures.

1. Concierge

Any hotel worth it's salt should be able to direct you to the best restaurants around. Make sure to ask for something specific like: 'where's the best place for a high quality South Indian meal?' This should avoid you being directed to Pizza Express or similar.

2. Google Maps

It may seem obvious but a lot of independent businesses recognise the benefits of a strong presence on Google so that could be a great place to do a geographical search for restaurants nearby. It also links easily to reviews so you can vet for quality.

3. Social Media

The more en vogue eateries should have a great social media presence so search for their accounts and try before you buy. You may find that some of the more traditional restaurants don't have their own social media accounts so, in that case, search for the location and see what people are try and keep a camera phone away from a great dish these days!

4. Bloggers

Bloggers are a great source of information for finding restaurants that may not appear at major retail parks. You need to make sure you're not being drawn into a 'pay-for-review' situation so avoid anything that has #ad or #gifted.

Happy Food Adventuring folks!

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