What Will We Be Eating in 2022?

Happy...whatever day it is!

I'm writing this post in that weird in-between-y part after Christmas but before New Year and thinking about next year to avoid thinking about my current food coma.

Who doesn't love a throw away prediction, right? So here's our humble opinion on what food trends might look like in 2022...what's hot, what's not, what's on our table, what are people buying, what's trendy, what's the next smashed avocado...that type of thing.

Jarrd's Top 5 Food Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2022 (we reckon):

1. No Thank You Carbon

Carbon-reduction is a hot topic and it's one that is becoming increasingly important so food manufacturers and retailers are having to take note too. Most UK households will want to feel like they're contributing in one way or another so whether you're shopping small, shopping local or going vegan...this is a trend we definitely expect to see in 2022.

2. Umami Army

We all know Umami is on page 1, paragraph 1 of Hipster 101 but 'meaty' flavour hunters are everywhere and you don't need to eat meat to want it...mushroom, soy and umami replacers coupled with a vegetarian and vegan diet give amazing results.

3. Milking Your Potatoes

Who knew you could milk a spud? Well you can and brands like DUG are bringing this trendy dairy-replacer into the mainstream. 

4. Freestyle Foodies

This one really excites me because it demonstrates a natural progression and a habitual shift in how we cook and eat at home. We've all been forced to cook and eat more food at home (yay for Jarrd) and this has taught us we actually quite enjoy it and we're actually quite good. It's also taught us that we can recreate restaurant-quality food at home (with a little help, admittedly) if we put our minds to it. The evolution of this trend is folk going their own way to personalise meals and go off-script...or at least off-recipe. So if you're a family of 4 on curry night...Mum's meal can be twice as hot as little Eddie's. One meal, no drama.

5. Big on Breakkie

Breakfast feels like it's been the food hipster's playground for a while now but 2022 is set to really take off with BIG breakfasts. BIG in size and BIG on flavour...and nope, we don't mean just a massive bowl of Frosties. Expect more spicy flavours to enter the breakfast plate.

So, there you have it...5 Food Trends for 2022 according to...me!

Head Chef @ Jarrd

P.S. let's not look back at this post on 31st December 2022 just in case it's absolute b******s eh?!

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