Eating In is the New Eating Out

The world around us has changed irreversibly. We're all confined to our own bubbles of security and familiarity...and I for one, love it! Let me tell you why...

This tectonic shift has altered a lot of aspects of our life bringing about new trends and habits that are likely to remain a fixture long after lockdown stops trending on Twitter. One thing that hasn't changed, however, is our love affair with food and the way in which a great meal can bring us together. We still love to dress up and prepare something special for date nights, Zoom meals or just to break up the day-to-day. The difference now is that eating in is the new eating out.

We have more choice now over how we can enjoy great food cooked (or finished) at home than ever before. The food service industry has been hit harder than most others but most savvy operators have pivoted to bring their amazing offerings delivered straight to your door in a cook at home format.

Deliveroo, Gousto, Hello Fresh and Just Eat have all improved their user experiences and brought on more products and brands to increase choice and service for new and old patrons. 

As a nation we are now using our own kitchens a lot more than ever before meaning that the amount of meals that are consumed in home has increased but also the repertoire we create has evolved. Pre-lockdown we may have been used to a routine of midweek meals but, to stave off boredom, we're being more adventurous and working harder to recreate restaurant-quality meals that can be cooked at home.

Now, I don't know about you but I see all this as something positive to come from a bad situation. Cooking is a skill that has waned over the years and is less a badge of honour and more an onerous chore. Spending more time at home has made us revisit and rekindle our passion for cooking and eating together. A lot of people I know have even said they've surprised themselves with the meals they're able to create at home. 

I hope the situation we find ourselves in improves quickly but I hope it leaves an imprint on our lives that we should explore different cuisines and flavours, we should have the confidence to entertain and eat in and we definitely should expect that we can have restaurant-quality meals at home whether cooked from scratch or made using a little help.


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