Chef Tips & Hacks: 5 More Quick Tips to Make You a Kitchen Pro

1. Perfect Pasta Sauce

To add a rich texture to pasta sauce, always add a ladle full of the water you cooked the pasta in to the sauce when you add the pasta and simmer for a few minutes.

2. Easy Peasy

Before cutting and squeezing citrus fruits such as lemon and limes. Roll them around on a hard surface with the palm of your hand and pushing down. You’ll get more juice from the fruit.

3. Super Soy

Soy sauce isn’t just for use in Asian cookery. Think of it as liquid seasoning and add it to some of your favourite dishes, it works in everything.

4. Cracking Garlic

To peel garlic easily, place the garlic clove under the flat side of a large chefs knife with the blade facing away and press until you hear a crack. The skin will fall away from the garlic.

5. Bread Winner

To keep muffins, cookies or other baked goods soft, add a slice of shop bought white bread to an airtight container. You’ll keep the same day freshness experience for days.

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