Chef Tips & Hacks: 5 More Quick Tips to Make You a Kitchen Pro

1. Keep your Greens, Green!

Wrap greens, lettuce or herbs in foil before putting them in the refrigerator, it keeps them fresher for much longer.

2. Say it with Herbs

Store fresh herbs like a bunch of flowers. Stand them in 5cm water, out of direct sunlight, water them regularly and they will stay fresh for longer. 

3. Safe Spooning

Instead of using a knife or peeler to peel ginger and losing lots of the flesh, use a teaspoon. Simply scrape the side of the spoon down the ginger, it peels so easily.

4. Green for Go

Add 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate soda to boiling water when cooking green beans, it keeps them extra green and helps cooks them quicker.

5. Does Someone like their Greens?

After cooking, plunge greens into ice water. It helps retain the colour, texture, flavour and locks in the vitamins. You can toss them in a pan with butter to warm them through just before you serve them.

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