Chef Tips & Hacks: 4 More Quick Tips to Make You a Kitchen Pro

1. Eggcellent

Dropped eggshell in your egg? Simply scoop up the shell with a larger piece of eggshell. The shell acts like a magnet and attracts any bits of shell and doesn’t waste any egg.

2. Oil Be There For You

Want to test if your oil is hot before shallow frying? Put your wooden spoon in the oil. Wood retains moisture, you will see lots of small bubbles around the spoon when the oil is hot.

3. Seeding is Believing

To remove pomegranate seeds easily, simply cut the pomegranate in half, turn it upside down, hold it over a bowl and hit the back of it with a spoon. Watch the seeds fall out.

4. A Rice Cup of Joe

Use rice to clean your spice or coffee grinder. Pour a small amount of rice into your spice or coffee grinder and grind it to a dust. The rice will dislodge any particles and absorb any residual oils, aromas and traces of flavour.

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