5 Gluten Free Swaps for your Family

If you're someone that needs to cut gluten out of their diet or that describes someone you live with it can be a real pain finding and trusting foods that won't impact on your life long after the taste has gone. Avoiding gluten is something close to our hearts so we've pulled together our favourite swaps to make life a little easier...

Cous Cous

Swap this tasty but naughty side for grain-based products such as quinoa or buckwheat.


Gluten-free oats are fairly easy to find in most supermarkets these days, so this should be a straightforward swap.


There are plenty of gluten-free alternatives on the market made from things like chickpeas, lentils and even carrot. Find one that suits your tastes and you've got plenty of meals wrapped up.


This is always my pain point. I love bread but it does NOT love me. There are lots of GF alternatives out there but not many good ones. The best options I've found are made from grains such as buckwheat or millet.


We're back to our friend buckwheat here for a good noodle swap; unless you fancy something fresher and go for a vegetable-based alternative.


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