5 Chef Hacks To Create Restaurant-Quality Meals At Home

Whether you fancy yourself as a bit of a Home Cook Chef or more of a Curious Foodie, we all like a little help in the kitchen, right? 

Here's some of our Chef's Top Tips found on our Foodie Travels to make cooking in the kitchen a little easier.

1. Perfectly Buttered Toast

Fed up of hacking at your butter or leaving holes in your bread? 

No more...

1. Take 1 Potato Peeler

2. Shave butter off the block

3. Lay on hot toast and watch it melt into perfection

You're welcome!

2. Perfect Grilled Fish

Grilled fish is a beautiful centre piece for your dish, just not when it's thrown on from odd bits that have stuck to the pan.

Here's how to non-stick your fish...

1. Take 1 Food Brush

2. Brush mayonnaise onto both sides of your fish

3. Place in your pan with tongs

You're welcome!

3. No-slip Chopping

This one is a real peek behind the curtain of the Chef game.

Simple but effective...

1. Dampen one sheet of kitchen roll

2. Lay flat on your worktop

3. Pop your chopping board over the kitchen roll & chop away

You're welcome!

4. Brilliant Bacon

The smell of bacon cooking in the morning is an institution for kitchens and homes in the UK.

Here's how you make your bacon the best...

1. Place a sheet of parchment paper on your bacon tray

2. Lay your bacon down

3. Place another sheet of parchment paper on top & press down

You're welcome!

5. No-mess Mixing

Remember that time you chased your mixing bowl around the worktop trying to beat your eggs?

Forget it...

1. Take 1 Tea Towel

2. Roll up & tie into a circle

3. Sit your mixing bowl in the middle

You're welcome!


We'd love to hear your own Chef Hacks and Foodie Tips or how these ones have changed your kitchen game. Get in touch.

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