4 Steps to Help You Choose a Meal for Tonight

It feels like it's played on a loop in our house...

'What do you fancy for tea?'

'Dunno. What have we got in?'

'Dunno. I'll check.'





'Erm...a little help!'

It's the eternal discussion and one that sounds familiar wherever you are in the world.

Fear not! We have come up with a cheeky decision tree to help save time, food waste and maybe your relationship!

Step 1: Choose your protein

Assuming it's the main meal of the day, the best place to start is to establish which protein to have. Protein should account for roughly a quarter of your meal if you're going for a balanced diet but will add a lot of the texture and taste. Fish, chicken, beef, lamb, tofu, chickpeas or something more exotic?

This will help structure the meal.

Step 2: Choose your cuisine

This maybe the most contentious part with so many options to cook at home at our finger tips. Will you go British, Indian, American, Pan Asian, South American, Italian, French, Spanish, Mexican etc. etc.

Step 3: Choose your carb

Next, choose your carbohydrate. Again, this should account for about 25% of your meal but will help guide your accompaniment decisions. So what will it be? Rice, pasta, potatoes or something else?

Step 4: Choose your veg

Vegetables should account for half of your plate so make sure they compliment your choices. Use vegetables to add some colour and texture variations so your home cooked meal is visually appealing.

Et voila! Decisions made!

With so many amazing meal options at your disposal that can be delivered straight to your door there's never a need to compromise...travel the world on your plate!

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