Real Food. Jarrd

Restaurant-quality sauces, handmade by Chefs.

Tonight's Tea. Jarrd

Artisan sauces produced in Chester.

A simple truth

We set out on a mission to rid your cupboard of terrible cooking sauces by showing you a better way.

We're a group of passionate foodie friends fed up of bad sauces. We brought back some of our favourite recipes from around the world to prepare just for you.

We only use real ingredients to handmake all our artisan sauces in our kitchen in Chester.

Amazing quality sauces, easy to use but sooooo good!

Louise, London

I have never tasted a curry sauce as good as this...I can't believe you can get this out of a jar!

Scott, Bristol

Date night meals in no time at all...yes please! I'm not telling anyone I didn't cook it myself though!

Carole, Edinburgh